Why Doggone Good Staging?
Doggone Good Staging's owner, Lydia Rieger, uses a proven professional set of guidelines from her ASP (Accredited Staging Professional) education. Lydia will come to your home and devote as much time as necessary to show you how to prepare your home for sale- inside the home and outside.  Staged Homes sell faster than the competition and in most markets, for more money!  Lydia will help you every step of the way by consulting or doing the work for you, taking before and after pictures, referring contractors, advertising your home on-line, and working with your real estate agent until your home is sold. 
Doggone Good Staging strives to create the highest impact possible for a minimal investment.  We want your home to "pop" and have that "wow" factor as potential buyers walk up to and through your house.  We want them to feel like they can take off their shoes and move right in.  By giving home owners a repair list, instructions on how to nuetralize and accessorize where necessary, we attract the largest pool of buyers as possible. Doggone Good Staging uses your furniture and accessories to Stage and also carries an inventory of quality accessories to enhance your existing furnishings.  When additional or unique furnishings are necessary, Doggone Good Staging works with local furniture rental companies.
We Specialize in Pet Owners’ Homes! We know the challenges pet owners face when selling a home.  We understand pets are family and have various needs. Doggone Good Staging was created with these principles in mind.  We will work with you and your pets to make your home look “Purr-fect” by "De-Tailing" the home (sending the pets on vacation) or at least giving the appearance of a De-Tailed home.  Doggone Good Staging has partnered with businesses in your area, including ones for your pets, to provide you with the best services.
We Love Hard to Stage Homes! Do you have a home that has been particularly hard to sell?  We will help you simplify the Staging process and make your preparations a snap!
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