"We have been rearranging...[Doggone Good Staging] is awesome!!!  I see the plans in action...it's looking better and better...thanks again!"
A Satisfied Customer
"We cannot thank you enough for the exceptional guidance you provided during the staging of our home.  We sincerely believe the staging played a significant role in our house selling in less than a month!"
A. Wilt
"Lydia is a creative visionary when it comes to staging homes whether it is for the sale of the home or just making it nicer to live in. The work she did for me was the latter. I have zero talent when it comes to interior decorating. My daughter always took care of that for me, but then she went off to college and got married. So nothing got changed or rearranged for well over 2 yrs.
When Lydia came to my home, she saw that she had a good challenge ahead of her! She began just by observing the room for a few minutes. Then she asked if I was ok with removing some things, or if  I wanted to keep everything there. This was very thoughtful, it showed that she really cares about her clients as people and not just a "gig". Then she very carefully took measurements. I never would have thought about it, but she even took into account the bottom edge of the baseboards because that would affect the way some pieces of furniture fit into certain areas!
She then took many pictures and went back to her office to come up with a proposal for me. I was very impressed that I received the proposal in only 2 days. When I read her ideas, I became very excited and began implementing the changes immediately. I had some questions while I was working on it, so I called her and we scheduled another appointment for the next day. She was very punctual each time I met with her. She came in and answered my questions and I was on my way again. Later that day I was at a consignment shop and saw a coffee table that I thought would look nice in my living room, but with my limited abilities, I didn't trust myself with the decision, so I called Lydia. I told her where the shop was and she stopped there at her earliest convenience that day, looked at the table and gave me the go ahead. She was right, it looks great! With the changes she made, my living room is much more beautiful and cozier to sit in and enjoy!
It's beautiful, Lydia! Thanks!"
R. Smith
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