Staging Tips
1. Hire a Professional ASP™ Stager!  A professional ASP™ Stager is going to enter your house with knowledge of the current market and will base their ideas on the proven methods to dress up a home to sell quicker and for more money.  Your home will be seen with fresh eyes; not the same ones that see it every day and are used to that outdated wallpaper or that sticky door.
2. Fix as many major repairs as possible and all the minor ones that got left behind over the years.  Buyers total everything in their minds and the repairs they see translate into more work and cost for them.
3. De-clutter and pack up the items you don't use on a daily basis.  Extra stuff only distracts buyers and makes it difficult for them to picture their own belongings in your home.  You want your house to have the look of a model home. (If you are worried about how Staging may interfere with your daily living, Doggone Good Staging will help you make living in a Staged home easy!  We cater toward your needs!)
4. Consult with an ASP™ Stager to re-arrange your furniture and accessories to best show off each area of the home to create focal points, space, and purpose for each room.  Don't forget about the outside and curb appeal!  Ask your professional ASP™ Stager for tips and specific instructions for the exterior space and landscaping.
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